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Post Radical

The Naxos team is excited to be a part of the new Vice series Post Radical. This docu-series explores the multiple sub-cultures of the skateboarding world. Be sure to check out the show on July 10th and keep an ear out for the tracks below. MUSIC USED Cocktail-Swing Dahlia Prelude and Fugue in C Minor, BWV 549 Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary Big Gun Shooting Towards the Sky

My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro is a violent ballet about friendship, imagination, and one man’s struggle to obliterate anyone in his path at the behest of a sentient banana. Developed by Devolver Digital and out in 2019. The trailer features DVORAK: Slavonic Dance No. 8 in G Minor, Op. 46, No. 8.

The Notorious RBG

Did you know that Ruth Bader Ginsburg would have loved to be an opera singer? Now she has her own album written for and about her, sung by her daughter-in-law, Patrice Michaels. To make this more of a family affair, the album was released by Cedille, which was founded by her son, James Ginsburg. "The Notorious RBG" includes letters from Ruth Bader Ginsburg's past, interviews, lyrics written by her family, and so much more! The Washington Post wrote a great article about the album you can read here.


Need a new comedy to binge-watch? Check out "Barry" on HBO! This hilarious comedy stars Bill Hader and follows a hit man who moves to Los Angeles and gets caught up in the theater scene. Naxos and Source/Q are excited to have Flight of the Bumblebee in the first season.

Queen of the South

Naxos and Source/Q are excited to be in tonight's episode of "Queen of the South". "Queen of the South" follows Teresa, the country's reigning drug smuggler, as she avenges her boyfriend's murder. Check out the season three premiere tonight!

The Art of OKUYAMA Hoseki - Metal Hammering

Naxos Japan is excited to be a part of the latest documentary film on metal hammering. One of the techniques of traditional Japanese metal craftsmanship is "tankin," in which metal hammers and wooden mallets are used to spread metal to create containers. OKUYAMA Hoseki was recognized as Holder of the Important Intangible Cultural Property of Tankin in 1995. This film is a detailed record of his use of traditional tankin techniques in the creation of the silver inlaid vase (gin-uchikomizogan-kaki) "Wakame". It depicts how he hammers and spreads a silver ingot to create a pot, the delicate work involved in inlaying, and the refined luster given to the silver surface of the piece by a finisher. It features some fantastic recording of the Bach Cello Suite No. 3 - be sure to listen! You can catch the documentary in it's entirety below.

13 Reasons Why

Naxos and Source/Q are so excited to be a part of the very powerful show 13 Reasons Why. The second season of the show airs today, May 18th, on Netflix and we can't wait to start binge watching it! Keep an ear out for Also Sprach Zarathustra in episode six and check out the Season 2 trailer below.

CBS: The Good Fight

Naxos & Source/Q are excited to be a part of CBS's "The Good Fight" Season 2. Did you catch selections from Mozart's Requiem in D Minor, or Rossini's "La Scala di Seta" during Episodes 8 or 9? If not, be sure to keep your ears peeled during a binge re-watch, or during Season 3 next year! Working on a project that calls for something timeless and well known, or modern and hasn't been heard before? Feel free to reach out to the amazing Naxos Licensing team throughout the world. We know the classical genre inside & out and would be happy to help you find something amazing!

Subway Signature Wraps

Hungry? Check out the two new Subway Signature Wraps advertisements featuring Naxos tracks that will for sure have your mouth watering!

Fleeting Memory

A mysterious woman with no memory. A cranky corpse who won't stay dead. And YOU, the key figure in a swirl of quirky characters, forgotten identities and cunning puzzles. These are all crazy events that happen in the new app Fleeting Memory, now available for iPad on the App Store. Check out the game trailer below! Take a listen to the tracks used in the game! Cello Sonata in F Minor, Op. 26, movement I Cello Sonata in F Minor, Op. 26, movement IV Romanian Folk Dances, No. 3 Romanian Folk Dances, No. 5 Romanian Folk Dances, No. 6


Have you seen the latest episode of Westworld yet? If not, the episode featured The Man I Love performed by the Tactus String Quartet. We highly recommend watching this episode immediately! Check out the season 2 trailer for Westworld below.

Find Find Me In Paris - Disney Channel Original Series

Naxos is excited to be a part of the Disney Channel Original Series "Find Me In Paris" - a story about a 1900's ballet dancer transported to modern times! Be sure to be on the lookout for the show, and be on the "listen-out" for some wonderful selections of music, carefully hand picked by the wonderful Naxos licensing team at Kapagama in Paris! Classics like Swan Lake, the Chopin Nocturne No. 2, selections from Minkus' "Paquita", and many more are used throughout the series, so you're always bound to hear some great music!


Naxos and Source/Q are excited to have two tracks from the Giselle ballet in the latest episode of Lucifer. The show follows Lucifer, who decides to spend some time on Earth to better understand humans. The episode will air Monday, April 23 on FOX. Check out the season 3 trailer below!

Dear White People Season 2

The Naxos Licensing team is proud to be a part of multiple episodes and a trailer for the second season of Dear White People. You can watch Dear White People Vol. 2 on Netflix on May 4th. Check out the trailer below, which features Danse Macabre in G Minor, Op. 40.

Hey Google: Flowers

The Naxos team is excited to be a part of the new Google Assistant ad, which features Dance by Oliver Davis. Check out the advertisement below and make sure to listen to your favorite Naxos tracks next time you use your Google Home!

The Americans

Naxos and Source/Q are excited to be in this week's episode of The Americans. The episode "Tchaikovsky" aired on April 4th and featured "None But The Lonely Heart", of course composed by Tchaikovsky. Check out the trailer for the sixth and final season of The Americans.

Naxos Korea & Amadeus

Naxos Korea is excited to be a part of the latest staging of "Amadeus" in Seoul, South Korea this month. Be sure to enjoy the music throughout including The Magic Flute, Symphony No. 25, and portions from Don Giovanni just to name a few! If your next production calls for classical - make sure that the Naxos Licensing team is your first call. We're available anytime! Check out the trailer below for a refresher on this great classic film-turned-stage-production!

2018 March Madness - Google Does Hoops

It is that time of year again...March Madness! While you are filling out your 2018 brackets, check out these four Google ads that feature "Old School (Percussion Cadence)" performed by Gettysburg College.

Gringo & Haydn

The Naxos Licensing team is proud to be a part of the 2018 release Gringo - opening Friday March 9! Be sure to listen for the Haydn Piano Concerto in D Major in the film as Charlize Theron and Daniel Oyelowo get themselves into crazy antics! Check out the trailer below (be warned, the language is a bit intense)!

And The Oscar Goes To...

Call Me By Your Name, Blade Runner 2049, and Phantom Thread are three amazing films that won an Oscar at last night's 90th Academy Awards ceremony. Naxos is honored to be a part of these outstanding, innovative, and progressive films that together brought home four awards and made movie history. Call Me By Your Name Best Adapted Screenplay Track: Phrygian Gates Phantom Thread Best Costume Design Track: Waltz No. 1 in B Major Blade Runner 2049 Best Visual Effects, Best Cinematography Track: Peter and the Wolf

Naxos & Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Naxos & the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts are excited to bring you the latest advertisement for the upcoming exhibition "Napoleon - Art and Court Life in the Imperial Palace". If you're in Quebec, you may have seen or heard this as you go about your daily life. Can you guess what the name of the composition used in the adervtisement is?

Peter Rabbit - 2018

Naxos is excited to be a part of the Sony Pictures film - Peter Rabbit - opening everywhere Friday, February 9, 2018! Be sure to be on the lookout for the feisty Anvil Chorus to help set the mood for a feisty rabbit rascal. Check out the trailer below, and if your next project calls for music to help set the "crazy" mood, be sure to think of Naxos & the classical genre!

Netflix: Altered Carbon

Naxos & Nimbus are proud to be a part of the first season of Altered Carbon on Netflix. With classical music in nearly every episode, you are bound to hear some Dvorak, Mozart, Bach, Satie, and many more amazing composers. Watch the entire season on Netlfix now, & check out the trailer below!

Classical Baby - The Lullaby Shows

Naxos and Source/Q are thrilled to be a part of Lullaby One and Two of "Classical Baby" on HBO. Be sure to listen to the great music of Liszt, Massenet, Offenbach, and Chopin that both children and adults can enjoy!

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