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The Pentaverate

An unlikely Canadian journalist finds himself embroiled in a mission to uncover the truth about the world's oldest and most influential secret society. From the mind of Mike Myers and starring Ken Jeong, Keegan-Michael Key, Debi Mazar, Richard McCabe, Jennifer Saunders and Lydia West - The Pentaverate is now streaming only on Netflix.Listen for Die Walküre: Prelude (Oehms) and "Die Walküre: Act 1: Siegmund, den Walsung, siehst du, Weibl" from Naxos!

The Staircase

Inspired by a true story, The Staircase explores the life of Michael Peterson (Colin Firth), his sprawling North Carolina family, and the suspicious death of his wife, Kathleen Peterson (Toni Collette). The eight-episode Max Original limited series, created by Antonio Campos, debuts Thursday, May 5 on HBO Max. Listen for Cavatina Saper Bramante from HungarotonCourtes of Source/Q

Our Flag Means Death

Our Flag Means Death is loosely based on the true adventures of 18th century would-be pirate, Stede Bonnet, played by Rhys Darby. After trading in his comfortable life for one of a buccaneer, Stede becomes captain of a pirate ship, but struggles to earn the respect of his potentially mutinous crew. Stede’s fortunes change after a fateful run-in with the infamous Captain Blackbeard, played by Taika Waititi. Watch on HBO Max and listen for 2 Arabesques, L. 66: No. 1 In E Major (SWR Klassik), Scenes From Childhood (Dreaming) (Naxos), and Symphony No. 34 IN C Major, K. 338: II. Andante di Molto (Naxos)

Outer Range

Outer Range centers on Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin), a rancher fighting for his land and family, who discovers an unfathomable mystery at the edge of Wyoming's wilderness. Watch on Amazon Prime and listen for Grande Messe Des Morts!Courtesy of Source/Q

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Album: Debussy: Rêveries de Bilitis - Music for Two Harps and Voice
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Central Washington University Wind Ensemble, Keith Brion
Genre: Brass-woodwinds, Classical
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